Discover Mont Saint Michel

The Mont Saint Michel

On the borders of Normandy and Brittany, discover the Mont Saint Michel and its abbey, one of the first sites to be inscribed by UNESCO on the World Heritage List.

Let yourself be surprised by the wonders of medieval architecture, the power of nature, the variations of light…

Camping Les Peupliers is 1 hour and 40 minutes from Le Mont. During your camping holiday in Normandy, you will have the opportunity to discover one of the jewels of French and world tourism. The Mont Saint Michel is also a magnificent bay with spectacular tides that are said to rise and fall at the speed of a galloping horse.

What to see and do in Mont Saint Michel?

Three million visitors each year come to discover the unparalleled beauty of this island where an extraordinary abbey and the archangel Saint Michael have stood since the 9th century.

The village

As you wander through the old village, admire its medieval buildings preserved in the purest Norman style. The half-timbered shops invite you to enter and discover the local crafts and of course the gastronomy of the region, which is well known. You can even taste at the Mère Poulard – an institution of the Mont – the famous omelettes flambées, the preparation of which is a real spectacle in itself.

The Abbey

The central point and vibrant heart of Mont Saint Michel, the Abbey fascinates by its architecture and its verticality. It can be visited all year round. It is necessary to climb a little in the alleys to reach this jewel and its belvedere which offers to the visitors an exceptional view on the bay. The abbey is in fact made up of several buildings added over the centuries. This explains the mixture of styles that gives the complex its particular charm. The church of Notre-Dame-Sous-Terre is the oldest building and dates back to the 10th century. The jewel in the crown is certainly the three-storey building known as the Merveille, which is crowned by a cloister without equal. The Gothic and Norman styles intermingle without detracting from the magic of the place.

The Tiphaine house

At the top of the rue Principale, you will find a special address that cannot be missed, the Logis Thiphaine named after the wife of the famous knight Bertrand Du Guesclin. Here we are back in the 14th century. You will discover the knight’s armour but also the furniture of the time and the strange astrology cabinet of the beautiful Thiphaine.

Crossing the bay on foot

This is a must when you go to Mont Saint Michel. But crossing the bay at low tide is not without risk, as the tides here are very special and tricky. It is therefore best to hire a local guide who will help you enjoy the bay’s riches in complete safety. The view of the mountain from the bay is simply breathtaking. In a way, you will find yourself in the shoes of a pilgrim facing the grandeur.