Discover La Baie de Sallenelles

The Bay of Sallenelles, natural beauty of Calvados

The 4-star Les Peupliers campsite is located 5 kilometres from the bay of Sallenelles. For lovers of unspoilt nature, this is the ideal place to stay in Calvados. The name of the bay comes from the small village of Sallenelles which has 300 inhabitants. The bay stretches from the south of Caen to Merville-Franceville in a loop formed by the Orne at its mouth.

The main preserved natural site in Calvados

The Orne estuary is what is known as a site of major ecological interest. The flora and fauna are preserved here from human pressure. The city of Caen is very close, but here you can enjoy a relaxing and dreamy landscape. The changing colours of this vast wetland and the thousands of birds provide a real change of scene. Many rare species are protected here. It is a vast area of 1,000 hectares that stretches over five communes and thus makes up the Orne estuary. The Conservatoire du Littoral owns 300 hectares. The landscapes you will discover are made up of sandbanks, dunes, mudflats, salt meadows and wet meadows.

Trails and observation in the bay of Sallenelles

There are two sites that should be noted for their beauty, the Pointe du Siège and the Gros Banc reserve. These sites offer a wealth of birdlife. More than 400 species of birds live here. Take a walk along the paths to discover the migratory birds that stop here on their journey. You will see many wild ducks, but also cormorants, terns, skuas, egrets, gravelots and other larids.

The Tip of the Seat

This point forms a long sandy strip 1200 metres long, forcing the Orne to draw a loop before flowing into the sea.

The Gros Banc Reserve

The reserve is an area regulated by man. This natural area is the most popular place in the bay for birds. A system of valves has been installed to control the entry of sea water and its level for the preservation and comfort of the species.

The House of Nature and the Orne Estuary in the small village of Sallenelles welcomes you and provides you with all the information you need. The nature centre regularly organises exhibitions and events for visitors. There is a picnic area and even a small shop. You will be able to take full advantage of the paths and observation points that have been set up to discover this magnificent natural area. Everything has been thought of for a beautiful walk during your stay at the campsite. A 5 km long footpath will delight young and old alike. Don’t miss the 6 m high observation tower. Your eyes will wander as far as the mouth of the Orne.