Discover Deauville

Deauville, located in Basse Normandie region, is an essential destination for high-end tourism in Normandy. This internationally renowned seaside resort has protected its charm by preserving its architectural identity.

A symbol of elegance and the art of living, it attracts visitors to its beaches, palaces, racecourse and numerous entertainment venues. Two hours from Paris, the city offers, throughout the year, a casino, a wide range of hotel services, restaurants and shops.

Deauville, between charm and history

The beautiful seaside resort of Deauville is just 35 minutes from camping les Peupliers. Your 4-star campsite in Normandy is very close to Deauville. It is a must-visit destination during your stay. Deauville is one of these small jewels of the flowered coast such as Cabourg which is internationally renowned. Very popular with Parisians, the resort has a crazy charm with these wide avenues, these beautiful historical buildings and especially its famous beach whose «board» have seen so many celebrities.

Entirely dedicated to leisure and leisure, the city was created from scratch in the 1860s under the impulse of the Duke of Morny, Parisian bankers and investors in the spirit of Paris Haussmannien.

What to see what to do?

The beach and Les Planches

During your camping stay near Deauville, you can not miss the beach, amazing in many ways. Here you will find two kilometres of fine sand, dotted with colourful parasols, and lined over 600 metres by the famous Planches. This vast terrace allowed the elegant to walk around without risking to dirty their long dresses on the sand. 450 art deco cabins dotted the planks and the surroundings. On the beach side, you will discover the names of famous American actors who came to attend the Deauville American Film Festival on the wooden lattice that separates the cabins.

Old Deauville

Make the most of your camping trip in Deauville by taking a walk in the Vieux Deauville. It is also called the Coteau district. Here is the location of the old village before the construction of the modern imperial Deauville. You will enjoy a beautiful view of the city and the sea.

Shopping and casino

In this flowery and luxurious city, you will certainly love a little shopping and strolling. Then head to the outskirts of Place Morny, in the city centre. It is here that you will find many shops and what you restore on beautiful terraces. Discover Normandy’s gastronomy. Make a detour to Place Yves Saint Laurent and its luxury shops. You can finally try your luck at the Casino. This beautiful establishment, built in 1912 in a baroque style, will enchant you with its marbles, gilding and majestic crystal chandeliers. You can play, but you can also eat in one of the three restaurants.

A multitude of events

Deauville is also a multitude of events: horse races, auctions, American Cinema and Asian Film Festivals, the Classical Music Festival, the book fair and many sports activities: thalassotherapy, golf , tennis, horse riding, sailing etc.

In addition, it provides a total change of scenery with its 1900 villas, its typically Norman half-timbered residences, its shops with major brands, its large luxury hotels and its colorful umbrellas on the sandy beach.