Discover Caen

Visiting Caen, we found great moments in the history of our school books! On the ramparts of the castle, you will see the army of William the Conqueror which rushes, all banners in the wind, towards the legendary battle of Hasting and the throne of England …

Nearby, the spectacular memorial retraces the tragedy of World War II.

The city turns out to be alive

But the capital of Calvados is not suffocated by this prestigious past. The city is proving to be lively, airy and resolutely turned towards the future. This dynamism is expressed through the multiple venues that offer a varied palette of artistic creations.

Finally, if Caen is your holiday destination, know that you can enjoy the most varied leisure activities there: cruises on the Caen-Ouistreham canal, golf on one of the city’s three courses, walks in the parks and gardens.